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This will in particular necessitate a review of the Rules of the Association to reflect its new direction and the Executive Committee is recommending that a working group should be set up to do this. The Executive Committee will give early consideration to the programme and speakers for the next conference on 31 March/ 1 April 2005. If there is sufficient support from members for the proposed extranet for the Association, detailed plans will be prepared with a view to establishing the extranet during the year. Learn more : Valuations QLD

The arrangements for the appointment of a successor to the Secretary and the future location of the Association’s office will be finalised during the next few months so that an appointment can be made in time for the new Secretary and administrative support to be in place by the spring of 2005. In October 1998, Sir Richard Wilson, then Secretary of the Cabinet, agreed that the Cabinet Office, working closely with the Lord Chancellor’s Department (now the Department for Constitutional Affairs) would be the focal point in Government on ombudsman issues.

This was to provide a forum for discussing issues of common concern and giving advice on the creation of ombudsman schemes. An important outcome of this agreement was the publication jointly by the Cabinet Office, the Department for Constitutional Affairs and the Association of a guidance note for Government departments giving advice on the factors to be taken into account when setting up an ombudsman scheme We have been disappointed that Government departments do not always pay regard to this advice when considering the creation of new ombudsman schemes.

Since the 1998 agreement there have been regular meetings between representatives of the Cabinet Office, Department for Constitutional Affairs and the Association to discuss issues of common concern. The opportunity was also taken to inform the Cabinet Office and the Department about the Association’s recent work and proposals for new ombudsman schemes. At the meeting in March 2004, representatives of the Department stated that a White Paper on Tribunals and Administrative Justice, following the Leggatt Report, would shortly be published.

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