What are the major draw backs seen on valuation?

John also was invaluable in his work with ADSS when he became chief executive of the College of Occupational Therapists, and offered sound advice to us. I was lucky enough, in my year as ADSS president, to be asked to attend the annual conference of the College of Occupational Therapists in Northern Ireland. John was very much in his element and obviously well liked and respected.

At the conference dinner, I recall that he was the first person ever to show me the joys of a digital camera especially the option to delete photos on the spot if they didnt look right. He delighted in new technology and I think he was one of the first wired up directors, during his days as director of social services for Lewisham. If I recall correctly, I think he told me he even gave up his directors office in favour of a hot desk and laptop.

Ill remember John with respect and affection. He set a fine example of working closely with London colleagues, with the wider ADSS, and still finding time to enjoy the moment. The star rating performance classification system will remain a difficult one for individual directors and for the ADD as an organisation. Tough and detailed discussions and negotiations will continue over the system and its constituent elements, and the only way we can do this is by using our place at the table to maximum effect. A number of directors have contacted me over recent months and this is always welcome. Learn more : Valuations NSW

What has come across to me so vividly is the very different local situations directors face, with highly variable understandings of the factors which contribute to effective planning and delivery of social care functions. Scapegoating of directors sometimes takes place where least expected. Again, no problem with this but it does mean that mechanisms for assessing performance must be based on recognition of whole system responsibility. We will continue to push for this more rounded, comprehensive approach to performance assessment.

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