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The latest phase of Air for Africa involved supplying the Mombasa Municipal Fire Brigade with four of Cornwall County Fire Brigade’s redundant Fire Engines. Initially the cost of buying and shipping them would have been £13,000, which would have to have been borne by the Mombasa council. He contacted the Ministry of Defence Transportation and Movements Agency who agreed to ship free of charge.

Cornwall County Fire Brigade, also agreed to waive the Brigade’s charges, with dispensation from the Cornwall County Council, allowing them to have the appliances free of charge. The Mombasa Council were extremely grateful and overwhelmed by the generosity and help shown by Sub Officer Peter Stephens of Cornwall County Fire Brigade and Cornwall County Council. To show their appreciation Peter was presented with the document chest to bring back to the County Council and present to the Leader, Councillor John Lobb.

I am delighted to receive this very kind gift which marks the project and the marvellous work carried out by Sub Officer Peter Stephens at Camborne. We are proud of all the personnel involved in this project. Yellow Pages themselves will be offering a £500 prize to the school which accumulates the largest ‘yellow mountain’ of old directories (measured as a proportion of the number of pupils). click here to visit the website : Melbourne Property Valuers

There will also be a digital camera for the school which creates a winning sculpture using only old Yellow Pages. Further cash prizes totalling £200 are being donated by Cornwall Paper Company, £100 to each runner-up from the Environment Agency, and £50 from Cornwall District Councils.

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