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Who do you send to do your recruiting? Do you leave it to human resources or an employment agency? Do you have your front line employees go out and really sell them on your company? Sun Tzu (circa 400-320 B.C.) wrote The Art of War, one of the first books on military strategy and concepts. Many current authors have adapted his work to business. McKinsey & Company use the 7-S philosophy on consolidating business units (Shared Objective, Strategy, Structure, System, Staff, Skill, Style), which has been rooted in Sun Tzus best seller.

As applied to a first-to-market strategy, Sun Tzu said, Whoever is first in the field and awaits the coming of the enemy, will be fresh for the fight; whoever is second in the field and has to hasten to battle will arrive exhausted. David Freemans Corps Business lists the 30 management principles that govern the Marines. Our highly talented and credible valuers are providing extensive property valuation solutions at very lowest prices in melbourne. He is quick to point out that they do not teach these specific principles one by one; rather they are instilled in each Marine as they transform from a new recruit to fully trained soldier. Freeman, while not a Marine himself, observed first-hand what makes the corps run like a Swiss watch.

Freeman observed that decision-making and leadership are critical in combat (and in business). The Corps aims for the 70 percent solution because making an imperfect decision in a timely fashion is much better than not deciding at all. If you wait for the perfect plan, it may be too late. McKinsey verified these phenomena in a study of so ftware companies bringing out new products to market. They found that companies who brought out products under budget but six months late experienced a 24 percent drop in profitability over a five-year product life.

Those who launched their products on time but over budget only experienced a 4 percent drop in profits. Of course, it would be wonderful if we could all launch products on time and under budget but that might not happen every time. Freeman also found that the Marines extreme training was the best preparation for encounters they would face. Situations faced on the job should seem to be a piece of cake when compared to the extreme training they have undergone.

The Marines also reward failure one of the first tenets of a creative organization. Most businesses punish failure or even worse threaten to punish failure so that no one even tries to accomplish something new or different.

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