Property valuation process makes you aware with your property’s price

The recent increase of capital inflows into real estate sectors (explained by poor performance of equities and a low interest rate environment) has benefited the property sector which may potentially suffer a decrease of investment volumes when the world equity market starts a recovery. However, institutional investors are likely to increase their property weightings and may replace private and debt driven purchasers in the market.

Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania form a natural economic block and are once more drawing together, even if the process is made difficult by development inequalities, particularly a wariness of Kenyan consumer goods in Tanzania.New office completions averaged 80,000 sq m per annum through most of the 1990s without serious vacancies and are still running at this level, albeit with less in the pipeline.By contrast, the re-emerged modern sectors of Dar es Salaam and Kampala have been pushed towards oversupply by as little as 30,000 sq m over three to four years.

A program of economic liberalisation was implemented by the Kenyan Government in the early 1990s,aimed at enhancing economic development.The reforms, which were backed by the World Bank and other international donors, included the relaxation of foreign exchange controls, the lifting of price controls and import licensing, opening up the stock exchange to foreign investment and increasing the role of the private sector in the economy

Valuation is the process if performed by expert property valuers then only you will avoid tension that is involve in performing the process GDP growth, which had fallen to as low as 0.2% in 1993, recovered as a result, almost reaching a level of 5% in 1995.In 1997, the economy took another downturn; growth fell sharply to 2.4%, and has continued to falter as a result of a combination of factors.Concern over corruption and the poor standard of governance resulted in the IMF withholding a loan of over US$200 million, which in turn led to the suspension of much bilateral aid and an overall decline in investor confidence

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